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Media Resources

We enjoy being an active part of our community and appreciate any media or promotional opportunity. Please use the following resources to help educate others about bounts.

bounts Logo Downloads

We have worked hard to create a brand that recognizably represents quality, trust, and value for you and your audience. We've made vector versions of our branding available so that you can effectively lead people to your bounts pages and more. For additional information or resources, contact us at

Do: Represent us with love and care.

Don't: Manipulate the logos or imply false association with bounts or Activity Rewards Ltd.

bounts Colour Palette

  • Green
    R 012 G 214 B 187

  • Purple
    R 074 G 027 B 188

  • Charcoal
    R 102 G 091 B 108

  • Orange
    R 255 G 110 B 028

We have provided our exact colour palette to assist those that are building or working together with bounts

Do: Use our branding to create beautiful artwork and experiences.

Don't: Hesitate to contact us for assistance.